A healthy and prosperous economy means healthy and prosperous people. Fair trade relationships must be open, fair, consistent, and respectful—acknowledging the inherent dignity of every individual involved. One of the Fair Trade Federation’s core values is Respectful Partnerships:

We celebrate the contribution and value of all people in the supply chain and recognize the dignity of each person and organization in our interactions and relationships. We believe that people have a right to participate in the decisions that affect their lives based on open sharing of information.

As a new member of the Fair Trade Federation, Totonga Bomoi is committed to transparent, proactive communication that shows consideration for both artisans and customers. We work hard to ensure our production and transaction model helps both ends feel actively involved in the trading chain. In addition, our collaborative approach to social enterprise helps us take it a step further. We partner with organizations like Alternativ, who provides entrepreneurial training curriculum that keeps the doors open for our artisans to explore their futures while honing in their skills. Thus, our cooperative’s objectives go beyond the trading chain.

With the artisan sector being the second largest employer in developing countries, dedication to respectful partnerships is a must. Long-term and genuinely sustainable economic growth can only happen within the framework of equity, and maintaining this framework requires transparency. Once this level of respect is achieved, it shines through. As Patience, one of our artisans says,

“Our cooperative has opened my eyes. The financial impact on my life is amazing. It helps my community in many ways. Thank you to all my customers who have helped me to create a brighter future.”

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