From mitigating poverty, to upholding humane working conditions, to promoting environmentally conscious production methods—there are so many reasons to buy fair trade goods. However, sometimes it can be difficult to be certain of a product’s origins and its journey to our shopping carts. Consumers deserve to know exactly what they’re buying and what they’re supporting, which is why Totonga Bomoi is thrilled to be a new member of the Fair Trade Federation! After a lengthy 18-page-long application and rigorous verification process, we are proud that every item you purchase from our artisans is ethically-sourced in accordance with the highest of standards. We know there are a lot of certification organizations and programs out there, but nothing can beat the legitimacy and steadfast commitment of the Fair Trade Federation. Our acceptance as a verified FTF member reflects our deep commitment to the principles and values of fair trade.

One of these values is Trade as a Force for Positive Change. As the FTF describes:

We value trading relationships that distribute power, risks and rewards more equitably. We believe that trade should be used as a tool to help alleviate poverty, reduce inequality, and create opportunities for people to help themselves. Trade should promote fair compensation, safe and healthy conditions, direct and long-term relationships, transparent business practices, and workplaces free from discrimination and forced child labor. When trade encompasses these practices, the lives of all people and their communities improve.

People thrive when there is ample space for empowerment, and we must all work together to protect that space. It’s critical to recognize that in our global economy, the products we buy and sell are connected to the livelihoods of others. The FTF works closely on the ground with producers and verifies transactions between companies and their suppliers to ensure the individuals producing Fair Trade Certified goods are working in safe conditions, building sustainable livelihoods, and earning a substantial income that not only allows them to invest in their lives and their work—but also uplifts their communities.

We are overjoyed to be part of a movement dedicated to the most rigorous standards of fair trade and the pursuit of a more just and sustainable world. Learn more about verified FTF members and the principles of fair trade here.