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Blog #6 | Seeding Projects That Change The World

We are thrilled to announce our acceptance of $1,000 by The Pollination Project, an organization providing $1,000 start-up grants to individual change makers and projects that promote compassion around the world. As a 2015 grant recipient, we have been featured in The Huffington Post

A New Way To See Things: This Week In Daily Giving

"A Women's Cooperative in the Congo. After receiving a Masters Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations, Katie Hile went to the Congo to volunteer. A local friend asked for some help generating income and Katie asked her to make 25 handbags that Katie could sell to her family and friends in the US. When the woman received her profits, other women in the village expressed interest in joining the project, giving Katie the idea and courage to begin creating an artisan's cooperative which is now called "Totonga Bomoi." Since inception, the women in the cooperative have produced 480 handbags and accessories. Profits earned by artisans enable them to provide and serve their families, communities, and inspire others to make a difference."